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Autumn 3 Kingdoms

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1st IMGA

Travis Ho
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About Autumn 3 Kingdoms

In the grim years following the collapse of the Han Dynasty, China is a land torn asunder by warlords intent on claiming the throne for their own selfish ends. Amidst the endless slaughter, a great leader arises to quell the unrest and reunify China. Will you be the one to bring peace to the land?

Autumn Dynasty 3: Kingdoms is a premium full-featured 4X real-time strategy title for mobile, slated for release Winter 2016. As the leader of one of the factions, the player will build a great kingdom, maintain order, employ devious stratagems and keep the other warlords at bay for the ultimate goal: The reunification of China. Featuring epic battles with massive armies commanded by the Autumn Dynasty’s flexible brush-based controls with new stratagems to unleash on the vicious enemy, Autumn Dynasty 3: Kingdoms is 4X warfare writ large for mobile devices.