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2nd IMGA

Winner of
Best Meaningful Play
Chen, YenWen
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About 陽春白雪(Lyrica)


Lyrica is a rhythm game combined Chinese classical poetries and modern music.
The story depicts a young man Chun who wants to become a musician. One night he has a dream that he travels back to the ancient past in China and encounters a mysteries poet. The story combines well-known historical tales and classic poetries that will gradually unfold as gamers proceed playing.

What makes my game unique?

陽春白雪是首款融合歌詞與中華古典文學的音樂遊戲。 也是首款將中文文字的書法體驗結合進玩法的音樂遊戲。 除此之外,更是世界第一款收錄阿卡貝拉、原住民語言音樂等多種風格的音樂遊戲。 本遊戲在音樂遊戲的基礎上,配合上述的獨特玩法、與契合主題的故事內容。 同時具備音樂遊戲的娛樂性,與古典文學的內涵,讓遊戲增加了一層文學與藝術的意涵。 Lyrica is the first game that combined Chinese classic poetries with rhythm game. It’s also the first game that applied Chinese calligraphy in a rhythm game. Furthermore, it’s the first rhythm game that collects a cappella and indigenous music. We created new gameplay and story lines for an entertaining game that works well with classic literature. It’s a game that’s both fun and culturally nourishing.

Why could my game win an award?

《陽春白雪》是一款擁有很多獨創要素的音樂遊戲, 同時兼具音樂遊戲的娛樂性、文學作品的藝術性,並在核心玩法上巧妙的將"詩詞"加入遊戲 創造全新的遊玩體驗,並能向所有玩家傳達遊戲的世界觀。 遊戲主要使用華語,且遊玩風格充分展現東亞藝術特質,能更進一步的吸引喜愛文化作品的玩家。 說Lyrica是最有創意、又最富含文化的音樂遊戲並不為過,這就是我們得獎的理由 Lyrica is a rhythm game that’s unique in many ways. It’s musically entertaining; it expresses literature artistically; it applied poetries in the gameplay and created a new gaming experience for the gamers. Lyrica exhibits the elegance and richness of Chinese culture that will attract people who adores culturally extensive games. All in all, Lyrica is a creative, groundbreaking and culturally enriched game, that’s why we think we will win the Grand Prix this year.