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《末日之子-重生》《The Children of Doomsday – Code: Reborn》

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3rd IMGA

Celad INC.
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    About 《末日之子-重生》《The Children of Doomsday – Code: Reborn》


    《The Children of Doomsday – Code: Reborn》is a zombie apocalyptic fiction role playing game. The using of Live2D system, voice actor and anime art style made the characters much more vivid. Not only has the story contained over 600,000 words, but also all the characters appeared in the game have their individual story which would be revealed from adventure to adventure.

    What makes my game unique?

    The main story contains over 600,000 words. The characters are all performed in anime art style and live2D technology that make them much more vivid. We also cooperate with some well-known voice actors and actresses, just want to make a better game experience.

    Why could my game win an award?

    CELAD Inc. has been focused on game develop since 2012. "Bring joy to players by creativity, bring happiness by life" is our duty. We have developed well reputed games like Sakura Scroll and Children of Doomsday. Since 2016, we also devote ourselves in game operating and marketing. We are the few company in Taiwan that is able to do game development and operating. We expect to introduce games made in Taiwan to the world. We will grow up, yet inspect ourselves continuously to create good games that enjoy great popularity.