Tony Zander
Tony Zander is SVP of Product & Development at Vectr Ventures and focuses on product and entertainment related investments such as, gaming (e-sports, development tools, advertising, consumables), AR/VR, Toys2Life, digital devices (wearables, mobile, consumer electronics) film, animation, robotics, and industrial/enterprise IoT. Tony co-heads the Vectr Studio, an in-house technical agency and sits on the Advisory/Board Director on both internal teams (Dash Robotics, San Francisco; Betatron, Hong Kong; Capsl, Hong Kong, Pixofy, Hong Kong; 3DNA, Hong Kong) and external teams (Recano, Chengdu;  Eltech, Beijing; Struckd, Zurich). Most recently Tony is co-founder/CEO of Area28 Technologies, a Vectr venture studio initiative.
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